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Parkchester Real Estate

Parkchester is an ethnically diverse middle-class residential community situated on 121 acres in the Bronx, New York. Over 45,000 individuals live and work in our community. Parkchester includes over 160 multi-story buildings, 12,000 apartments and numerous commercial enterprises including major retailers, theaters, restaurants and small specialty shops. Parkchester North Condominium, Inc. and Parkchester South Condominium, Inc. 


Parkchester, Bronx, NY 10462, U.S.A

Year Built:

1939 - 1940


Met Life Ins. Co.


Parkchester Preservation Co.


South Condo / North Condo

Land Area:

129 Acres


171=12,000 apartments

Building Type:

6 to 12 Story


Brick, Steel & Concrete with Elevator -R4

Price Range:

1BR -   $75,000 to $105,000 (approx)
2BR - $125,000 to $159,000 (approx)     
3BR - $150,000 to $180,000 (approx)


$420 to $1020


Over 347 Employees


Affiliated FM Ins. Co.


Roving Security  (24/7)
Central Monitoring System (24/7)
24 Hours Call Center (Safety First)


On-site Garages (3)
 Alternate Street Parking (Free)


RE/MAX Top Realty, Morris Park


Your lifestyle is as important as the ideal features that you are looking for in a prospective home, making it essential to not only have the details of a potential new home, but also the neighborhood in which it is located and where you may eventually live.
Considerations such as local schools, amenities, transportation, walgreens, hsbc, zales, payless, traffic, crime rates, weather, and the surrounding community are all key aspects of selecting the ideal home and location for you and your lifestyle.
For more information regarding Bronx and area, or if you have questions relating to specific neighborhoods, I am here to help. Contact Felipa Real Estate Sales Advisor TODAY 646-483- 4673 Specialist in Parkchester Condominium Buy-Sell-Rent

Parkchester Business Directory | List of Existing Parkchester Businesses


Parkchester Business Directory
List of Existing Parkchester Businesses







  1 Stop 99 Cents Store 2049 McGraw Ave 718-892-1344 Active  
  24 Hour Day Locksmith Hardware Store 1560 Metropolitan Ave 718-239-5185 Active  
  3 Star Candy Store Store 1673 Metropolitan Ave 718-597-5803 Active  
 A Agape Printing & Design E Printing 1450 Parkchester Rd 718 792-5656 Active  
  Agho Peter MD PC Clinic 1380 Metropolitan Ave 718-597-3111 Active  
  Applebees's Parkchester Restaurant 65 Metropolitan Oval 347 802-4202 Active  
  American Theatre Movie 1450 East Ave 718-863-4900 Closed  
  Anytime Locksmith 24hrs Lock 1470 Parkchester Rd 718-824-7004 Active  
  Archer's Cleaners & tailors Dry Cleaner 1803 Archer St 718-597-7450 Active  
  Arzola Carmen DDS Shoe Store 1414 Metropolitan Ave 718-430-1793 Active  
  Asafo Market Store 1882 Guerlain St 718-931-0464 Active  
  Ashley Stewart Clothing Srore 1371 Metropolitan Ave 718-931-3690 Active  
  AT&T Phone 1443 Metropolitan Ave 718-597-7492 Active  
 B Baby Place of Parkchester Clothing 1450 Metropolitan Ave 718-430-6751 Active  
  Bangla Food & Vegtables Market 2098 Starling Ave 718-792-1847 Active  
  Bank of America Bank 65 Metropolitan Oval 800-841-4000 Active  
  Beato Unisex International Salon 1586 Unionport Rd 718-794-5600 Active  
  Bellas Restaurant & Bar Inc Restaurant 1410 Unionport Rd 718-892-8962 Active  
  Best Buy Auto Inc Auto Parts 1865 E Tremont Ave 718-239-2270 Active  
  Bravo Supermarket 1654 Metropolitan Ave 718 829-7206 Active  
  Burger King Fast-Food 60 Metropolitan Oval 718-822-3678 Active  
 C C Town Supermarket Supermarket 1580 Unionport Rd 718-792-5306 Active  
  Canela Spa Spa 69B Metropolitan Oval 718-684-3001 closed  
  Chase Bank 1489 Metropolitan Ave 718 824-3019 Active  
  Chase Manhattan Bank Bank 11 Hugh J Grant Circle 718 863-4767 Active  
  Choice Nail Salon Salon 1450A East Ave 718-518-9188 Active  
 D Dee's Fish & Chips Fast-Food 1884 Archer St 718-822-2932 Active  
  Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Shop 1374 Metropolitan Ave 718-931-7960 Active  
  Dynasty Chinese  Restaurant Chinese Food 1470 east Ave Frnt 718-597-1688 Active  
 E East Restaurant- J&K Buffet Restaurant 1439 Unionport Rd 718 828-8883 Active  
  Ellie's Diner  Diner  58 Metropolitan Oval 718 792-6068 Active  
 F Family Pharmacy Parkchester Drug Store 1445 Unionport Rd 347 851-2577 Active  
  Fast Break Clothing Clothing 1370 Metropolitan Ave 718-824-4077 Active  
  Food Town Supermarket 1489 West Ave 718-822-2922 Active  
  Foot Action Foot Wear 1447 Metropolitan Ave 718-824-4993 Active  
  Furniture World Furniture 1603 Unionport RD 718-931-4577 Active  
 G Gamestop Game Store 1449 Metropolitan Ave 718-824-8094 Active  
  Golden Krust Restaurant 1438 Metropolitan Ave 718-792-9322 Active  
 H Henfield ChildrensCent. Day Care 71 Metropolitan ave 718-409-1231 Active  
  House & Home Ware House 69 Metropolitan Oval 718-892-6620 Active  
  HSBC Bank 1499 West Avenue 718 828-4600 Active  
 I Ivy's Parkchester Florist Inc Flower Store 1416 Unionport Rd 718-824-6000 Active  
 K Key Food Supermarket 1535 Unionport Rd 718-828-4524 Active  
  Key Food Supermarket 1511 Metropolitan Ave 718-863-9700 Active  
 L Leroy Pharmacy Drug Store 1448 Metropolitan Ave 718-823-4344 Active  
  Liberty Travel Travel Agency 1370 Metropolitan Ave 718-792-2214 Active  
  Lucky Star Restaurant Restaurant 1621 Unionport Rd 718-823-1058 Active  
 M Macy's Deptartmental Store 1441 Metropolitan Ave 718 828-7000 Active  
  Maternity Apparel Clothing 1445 Metropolitan Ave 718-918-0142 Active  
  Metro  Optics  EyeWear 1332 Metropolitan Avenue 718-829-5605   Active  
 N New York and Company Dept. Store 1489 Metropolitan Ave 718-904-9282 Active  
  New York Public Library Labrary 1985 Westchester Ave 718-829-7830 Active  
 O Oval Drug United Drugs Drug store 1500 Metropolitan Ave 718-823-0688 Active  
 P Parkchester Children's Dental Dental 1488 Metropolitan Ave 718-824-9612 Active  
  Parkchester Liquor & Wine Liquor Store 1671 Metropolitan Ave 718-863-4280 Active  
  Parkchester Fish and chips Fast-Food 1884 Archer S 718 828-2535 Active  
  Parkchester Pizza Food 1448 East Ave 718-931-3822 Active  
  Parkchester Ranceley Nursery Day Care 1489 metropolitan Ave 718-409-1231 Active  
  Parkchester Real Estate Real Estate Brokerage 64 Metropolitan Oval  718-822-4300 Active  
  Pay Half Dept. Store 1380 Metropolitan Ave 718-822-1985 Active  
  Payless Shoe Source Shoe Store 1460 Metropolitan Ave 718-828-7852 Active  
  Popeyes Fried Chicken Fast-Food 60 Metropolitan Oval 718-828-1208 Active  
 Q Quick As A Wink Cleaners Dry Clean 1498 East Ave 718-597-2084 Active  
  Quick As A Wink Cleaners Dry-Clean 1551 Metropolitan Ave 718-597-0758 Active  
  Quick As Wink Cleaners Dry-Clean 1551 Metropolitan Ave 718-597-0758 Active  
 R Radio Shack Electronics 1382 Metroplitan Ave 718-597-1291 Active  
  Rainbow Apparel Shop Dept. Store 1381 Metropolitan Ave 718-319-1585 Active  
  Real Estate Brokerage Condominium Sales 64 Metropolitan Oval  718-822-4300 Active  
  Recreation's Mini Library Library 63 Metropolitan Oval 718 320-6065 Active  
  Rodriguez Grocery Crop Grocery 1516  Metropolitan Ave 718-792-9817 Active  
  Russo Jewelers Jeweler Store 1440 Metropolitan Ave 718-792-5780 Active  
 S Sing Hing Chinese Kitchen Chinese Food 1520 Metropolitan Ave 718-792-6868 Active  
  Sleepys Mattress Matress Store 1400 East Ave 718-239-2168 Active  
  Sonny & Son Produce Market 1400 East Ave 718-542-8799 Active  
  Sovereign Bank Bank 1416 East Ave 718-931-5000 Active  
  St Raymond  Outreach Organization 1720 Metropolitan Ave 718-824-0353  Active  
  Starbucks Coffee Company Coffeee Shop 1385 Metropolitan Ave 78-319-8702 Active  
  Stars Jewelry Jewelry Store 1460 Metropolitan Ave 718-794-1010 Active  
  Step In Restaurant Restaurant 1309 Metropolitan Ave 718-822-0562 Active  
  Subway Restaurant Restaurant 1448 East Ave 718-239-6748 Active  
 T The Childrens Place Kids Clothing 1420 Metropolitan Ave 718-824-8430 Active  
 U Urban Horizon Cafe Coffee Shop 1438 Metropolitan Ave 718-794-1435 Active  
 V Vega Furniture Furniture 1400 East Ave 718-892-0550 Active  
  Venice Pizzeria & Restaurant Pizza 1539 Unionport Rd 718-828-5664 Active  
  Vinny's pizza Pizza 1851 Archer St 718-409-9748 Active  
 W Walgreen Pharmacy 1371 Metropolitan Ave 718 597-7690 Active  
  Williams Hardware Hardware 1581 Unionport Rd 718-822-2899 Active  
  Wing Hing Chinese Restaurant Chinese Food 1661 Metropolitan Ave 718- 822-1616 Active  
  Zales Jewelers Jeweler Store 1480 Metropolitan Ave 718-828-2079 Active  
  Zaro's Bread Basket Coffee 29 Hugh J Grant Circle 718 822-9181 Active  
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